and other ways to get to Kyrgyzstan


Currently there are direct flights to Kyrgyzstan from Russia, Turkey, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, India, China and Singapore. You can use the flight search engine that we offer to see the combinations and  you may have to start planning your adventure with us. If our search engine does not convince you, you can always use a web browser to help you find that flight that brings you to Kyrgyzstan and start your adventure with us.



If you want to arrive by train you can also travel from Moscow to Bishkek, which leaves several days a week, and crosses through Kazakhstan. Most of the passengers that do not belong to these countries need to obtain a transit visa, so it is best to inform in advance of all the details to obtain it. Also from some places in the countries around Kyrgyzstan it is possible to get there, but this option is more risky, since sometimes the border crossings are closed without notice, especially with Uzbekistan and China.

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