We are a young company, founded in 2012 and whose objective is to promote ethnic and ecological tourism in Kyrgyzstan. We show you a different way of doing tourism away from the world tourism crowds. At the same time, we want Kyrgyzstan to make itself known, since it is currently a country unknown to most of the population. We want you to come and enjoy its extraordinary nature, its people, its customs, live with the authentic Kyrgyz nomads, etc., in short, we want you to enjoy a unique experience and tell all your friends so that be encouraged and come too.



If you plan to travel to Kyrgyzstan in the future but you have doubts or do not know what to do or visit, from here you can request the information you want or need to come to know this extraordinary country. We will be happy to help you and in a completely free way.


We have thought about a series of tourist routes so you can enjoy and know the extraordinary nature of this country, as well as the customs of its inhabitants, whether they are nomads or their cities and towns. All our tours are 100% customizable, you just have to make the suggestion and we will offer you the best option.


Whether you travel to Kyrgyzstan with us or not, we offer you local Russian and English speaking guides, to accompany you during your stay and thus facilitate your trip when talking with the people of the country in your needs, whether to eat, change money , find an accommodation, etc. Do not hesitate to ask us for information about this service here.


We offer you car rental, with or without driver, so you can get to know Kyrgyzstan at your own pace and at your own pace. In case you do not want a driver you have to meet a series of legal conditions. To request more information, click here.


We offer you different routes riding on horseback in the middle of the incredible nature of Kyrgyzstan so that you can enjoy the peace and tranquility that this transmits to us and so that you feel something of the life of the current nomads. These tours are already included in some of our tours or you can request them.
Below we show you some of the opinions of people who have already traveled with us
The owner of this page is very familiar with everything in Kyrgyzstan. He knows what is interesting in this country and has numerous contacts who can organize tours for you. He helped us organize a 3 day trek from kyzart to Song Kul and it turned out to be the best trip in my life! Everything went smoothly and the guide speaks good English. You can also book accommodation with him if you are in Bishkek. His study is clean and spacious. The price is reasonable.
Shun Yu

We had the most amazing trip with Aleksei and his team. It was very well organized but we also felt authentic and as if we were making a trip with friends instead of strangers, which I loved. If you are looking for an adventure of your life, new cultural experiences, mountains, pure nature and incredible people, this is for you! I can not wait to go back again and make another trip together.
Anna Zi

We went to Kyrgyz nomad on recommendation of a friend. I never travel with a guide because I like to set up trips on my own but since we were 4 and had only one week to visit Kyrgyzstan, we decided to contact them.
The best decision of the trip !! I am not surprised that my friend, knowing that I do not like guided trips, will recommend Kyrgyz Nomad. We told them what we wanted to see and prepared the trip in such a way that we would earn time, money and also see more things.  Our guide Alex was so honest that sometimes we did not give credit. For example: we agreed on a price for an activity before arriving in Kyrgyzstan and when we arrived there and finished the tour he told us that it would be 20 euros less per person because the organizers had given him a discount. We were very happy with the price we had contracted, and Alex could have taken advantage of it and taken that discount for him that we would not have known about. … Then, when we wanted to buy things for us on the street, Alex bargained for us without gaining anything in return. A 10 the truth. He cared more for us than ourselves. And then it is not at all heavy to go a week with a guide because he really tells you that he is there only to help you and that you can do things on your own whenever you want. The best, that quality was never scarce. We slept in very authentic places, with locals and they hosted us great. Abundant, good food and always with a smile. Alex never tired of our questions and always waited for you with a smile even if we were sometimes pesaos: D. Even when we improvised a parade to see an area that our Lonely Planet recommended, it deviated without problems but then the site was a poop: D Alex has a large and comfortable car that made us win a lot of time because Kyrgyzstan is very special to move . The roads are in poor condition, full of speed controls so it takes a long time to get around, corrupt police and we did not speak Russian. But to take advantage of the long trips we had to do a couple of times to follow our itinerary, Alex made a couple of stops along the way in beautiful places that we would not have known if we had gone by bus for example. Without a doubt, I totally recommend that you contact them even if it is to ask for advice on what to visit and listen to what they can offer you. Content goes here.
Christian Marin Serrano

Great stay in Kyrgyzstan! Do not hesitate to ask for advice in the organization of the program, it was very helpful and the walk with him went very well. I recommend 100%!
Bérénice Weil

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